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Viver Health: Brand and Marketing Refresh

Viver Health delivers proven education solutions across Pharma/Biotech, Healthcare and Employers. For more than a decade, they have produced unique health and wellness educational materials and multi-channel experiences designed to inspire patient-provider engagement and improve patient outcomes, as well as improve employee health and well-being.

Trajectory was engaged to accelerate business opportunities through a refresh of all brand and marketing touchpoints.

Refreshed brand design, Viverhealth.com website and sales presentations, along with new sales package to send to high-potential prospects across markets to build interest in Viver Health’s evidence-based guides/custom programs and entice next step in sales funnel.

New brand and marketing efforts launched Q1 2022, with immediate uptick in prospective client meetings across pharma/biotech and employers.


  • Sharpened Brand Strategy Elements: Value Proposition, Positioning, Messaging
  • Viver Health Website: content, design, development
  • Sales Presentations
  • LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
  • Physical Sales Package: concepts, structure, letter and sales materials, call-to-actions
Viver Health website
Viver Health website
Viver Health guides and website
Viver Health brochure
Viver Health brochure
Viver Health Pharma/Biotech sales sheet
Viver Health Healthcare Organization sales sheet
Viver Health Employer Groups sales sheet
Viver Health LinkedIn ads
Viver Health slides