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New York City Health & Hospitals: Unlocking Value Through a Public Health System Rebranding

New York City Health & Hospitals is the largest municipal healthcare system in the country, with 70+ patient care locations. While it’s track record is that of an innovative leader and excellent provider of a wide range of healthcare services, the power of the organization’s corporate brand was lost on internal and external audiences. Trajectory was engaged to jumpstart the organization’s rebranding process.

Create a new Health + Hospitals organization brand that is greater than the sum of its parts, drives all offerings and conveys an evolved promise of empowering all New Yorkers to live their healthiest lives. Note: while implementation was handled by internal teams, all of Trajectory’s strategic and creative work served as the basis for final outcomes.


  • Leadership Briefings & Interviews
  • Brand Architecture & Messaging
  • System-Wide Patient Focus Groups
  • Naming & Logo
  • Leadership Strategy Buy-In
  • Print


  • Strategy: Endorsing
  • Defined: common HHC endorsement across all facilities and services
  • Pros: begins to build HHC value; respects primary relationship between communities, patients and individual hospitals...
  • Cons: is this the ideal long-term strategy to most effectively compete into the future.


  • Strategy: Umbrella
  • Defined: one primary brand (and promise) across all segments; combined with individually named HHC facilities services
  • Pros: Shifts brand emphasis to HHC; aligns everyone together around HHC...
  • Cons: will culture and communities understand/embrace the change...

Brand World Brands

Establish the look and feel for the new brand by exploring parameters for color, style, type and imagery.


Measuring Success

Rebranding was officially announced in November, 2015. According to Board Chair, “the BOD unanimously supported turning the page on “HHC” and better representing the goals of new leadership, with an emphasis on health care in communities as opposed to sick care in hospitals. We are very excited about our new brand and how it celebrates our skilled and dedicated workforce.”