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ID Care: Post COVID-19 Travel Campaign

Global borders are reopening and people are ready to travel again! But traveling internationally (in today’s uncertain COVID-19 world) can put you at risk from many angles, and you need to know how to navigate this. When and if you travel abroad for either leisure or business travel, your first step should be to consult with a Travel Medicine expert.

ID Care (the largest infectious disease practice in NJ) is the go-to practice for all your Travel Medicine needs, including licensed travel medicine and infectious disease specialists, and the only practice that treats patients post-travel (testing and disease care). People can schedule an appointment at one of our 10 convenient locations to see an expert who will create a personalized travel plan for pre, during, and post travel care.

Develop two email blasts to deploy to ROI NJ readership database. Emails will promote why travel medicine is important and promote ID Care Travel Care for both consumers and businesses. Both emails direct to one travel specific landing page.

Landing page educates about why you need travel medicine (especially for international travel in today’s precarious COVID-19 world), content on Travel Care services, travel offerings for leisure travel and for businesses (corp. travel), and video interview of the doctors.

Specific goals include:

  • Educate audiences on need for/value of Travel Medicine for international travel
  • Build ID Care brand awareness and establish them as the experts in Travel Medicine
  • Drive traffic and appointments (site form fills or calls)

Primary: Number of form fills or click-to-calls (mobile) for Travel Care services, either B2C of B2B, leading to increased appointments.
Secondary: Number of click throughs and increased traffic to custom landing page or overall site traffic to Travel Care information
Tertiary: Number of video views


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Concept
  • Landing Page
  • Digital Ads
  • In Office Posters
  • Email Blasts
  • Social Ads