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LEDVANCE: TruWave Retail Campaign

Build on current TruWave See & Feel Better umbrella brand message to develop a marketing campaign that drives traffic and pull-through for TruWave through Menards (Midwest), Ace Hardware (West Coast) and local grocery (East Coast). Take into account that even pre-pandemic, consumers were already adapting a more proactive/ preventative approach to health and wellness. This shift is expected to influence how consumers live, work and plan even after life returns to “normal.”

Media program across digital, social media and video ads; featuring three campaigns focused on key retailer Menards, and another for channels including Ace Hardware and local groceries. When a user clicks on an ad, they’ll be driven to a landing page containing additional educational information about the health benefits of TruWave Technology™ LEDs and will have product links to directly buy on Menards website.

Campaign running Q2 2022.


  • Media Plan
  • Campaign Creative/Messaging Concepts
  • Landing Page
  • Video Scripts
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TruWave banner ads