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Tower Health: Building Brand and Demand Through Integrated Marketing

In an increasingly fragmented and consumer-empowering healthcare environment, there are more ways for patients to connect to the care they need, wherever and whenever they choose. Tower Health’s expanding health system increasingly allows for these “connections” – helping deliver on the organization’s promise of Advancing Health. Transforming Lives. across its expanding regional geography.

Bring to life the benefit of “connection” – an idea that marries the promise of Tower Health to the benefits its audiences need and want. “Connection” communicates Tower Health’s expanding access (and empowering patient advantages) in a simple and human way. “Connection” is also something we all yearn for and an idea that we can all relate to. Based on our research, we also know that people want and need real, meaningful and personal one-on-one experiences (connections) – not just high-tech solutions.

Integrated healthcare marketing campaign highlighting the “connecting” benefits of being able to access Tower Health’s growing health system.

Digital campaign performance:

  • Digital Display: creative performance across all versions well above industry benchmark of .08%. Custom content posts driving average time spent on landing page of 2:30 minutes.
  • Online Video: overall video completion rate of 70% exceeded comparable benchmarks; growing to 75% for core target audience.
  • Landing Page visits: exceeded 200,000; with 65% of visits coming from core female target.
  • Note: Our integrated marketing campaign won a SILVER Aster Award and MERIT Healthcare Advertising Award in category of Total Integrated Marketing Campaign


  • Campaign Brief
  • Campaign Concepting
  • TV, Radio and Print
  • Outdoor and Transit
  • Landing Page Experience
  • Digital and Social Media