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Encapsia: Clinical Trials Video Series

Encapsia is a technology company that is ‘revolutionizing’ the execution of clinical trials globally. Propelled by its innovative, intuitive, app-based cloud platform that streamlines and transforms the capture, management, visualization, analysis and reporting of holistic clinical trial data, Encapsia empowers organizations to act on the big data in practical ways, to get to market faster and transform lives.

Develop a series of three videos for Encapsia that focus on key components of their Clinical Trials in 3D campaign: Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT), Data Science and Digital Transformation. Target audiences consist of key decision makers across pharma, drug companies, CROs, and life science organizations involved in data capture/management and technology solutions associated with deployment of clinical trial studies that bring new drugs/therapies to market.

The first video for DCT aired at June 2021 DIA 2021.


  • Concepting/Script Writing
  • Concept Storyboards
  • Stock VIdeo and Photography Selection
  • Custom Animation/Graphics and Video Editing