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Bromley's: Launching a New Mass Market Tea Brand

Dating back more than 30 years, family-owned Eastern Tea company is now Bromley Tea Company. It was the first tea company in America to produce a decaffeinated tea. And it is a company committed to bringing tea drinkers the finest tasting tea you can brew. They are also a company that has never stopped traveling the world to find the freshest, best tasting and most flavorful tea leaves.

As an extension to their current classic teas, Trajectory was engaged to develop the concept and brand launch a new line of “exotic teas from around the world”; leveraging the company’s commitment to finding the freshest, best tasting and most flavorful tea leaves.

As Bromley tea is a family of passionate tea lovers, it was important to reinforce a more personal feel, and do it in a way that stands apart from the many other “corporate brand-driven” teas on the grocery store shelf.

We created the story of “flavour adventurer” Bromley. His passion is exploring and traveling the world. Discovering unique recipes and flavours of tea through his exotic journeys. Whose thrill is being able to share his discoveries with tea drinkers.


The scope of our brand launch efforts included:

  • Competitive Whitespace Analysis
  • Product Naming & Messaging
  • Brand Story & Positioning
  • Package Design
  • Brand Name, Logo & Tagline
  • Website Design & Development

Packaging the Story

We created a fictitious adventurer named Bromley, and built a new brand (strategically and creatively) around this character. His story is one of traveling the world in search of exotic tea flavors – brought to life through twelve products we named and packaged.



We designed a website that lets consumers travel around the world with Bromley in search of his exotic teas.



+28% vs. sell-in forecast across specialty retail and food service.