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Arnold Palmer Enterprises: Safeguarding Reputation and Brand-Led Business Growth

It’s not often that you get a chance to work with a “king.” In our case, it was being honored to help safeguard the relevance of Arnold Palmer, one of the greatest sports icons of all time.

Beyond his achievements on the golf course, the Arnold Palmer brand has played a role in our lives for more than half a century. But similar to all great brands that face challenges from time to time, it was a pivotal time for Arnold Palmer Brand Enterprises, as the organization needed to step back and re-evaluate their brand and business relationships.

Leadership acknowledged that ongoing business success and reputation (based upon a broad array of product and service relationships) required organization-wide global alignment around brand strategy, a more disciplined approach to brand management and governance and more consistent and powerful creative execution. Ultimately, this would ensure a genuine and authentic bridge connecting the past with all future initiatives.

We brought together all Arnold Palmer Enterprises global companies – philosophically and practically – with the end goal of sharpening brand identity and brand direction for all things Arnold Palmer.

Working closely with the Arnold Palmer Enterprises core team (along with Mr. Palmer himself), we developed and formalized:

  • Arnold Palmer brand identity platform – capturing the words, images, ideas and associations that reflect what the Arnold Palmer brand stands for and how it should relate to its audiences, thereby creating the foundation from which all brand decision-making and actions emanate.
  • Portfolio management strategy roadmap – for evaluating and building the Arnold Palmer brand portfolio into the future, across its different tiers of business relationships and among the brand’s different audiences.
  • Brand management guidelines – for brand identity management and “on-brand” execution across all businesses and brand expressions,  contained within a more comprehensive Arnold Palmer Enterprises Brand book.


  • Internal (Global Companies) & External (Licensees, Affiliates, Landscape) Audits & Interviews
  • Celebrity-Based Role Model Brand Reviews (Story, Brand Identity, Brand Portfolio Management)
  • Arnold Palmer Brand Platform (Story, Values, Promises, Personality, Positioning)
  • Brand Guardianship Tools
  • Brand Book & Guidelines
  • Global Companies Summit/Buy-In
  • Arnie’s Army Foundation Story & Logo

Arnold Palmer Enterprises Brand Book

Articulating the Simply Inspiring story, positioning, personality and values of Mr. Palmer for all global companies to align around.


Arnold Palmer Charitable Foundation Logo

Following initial assignment, we worked on the Arnie’s Army story and logo for Mr. Palmer’s charitable foundation.


Measuring Success

With buy-in from the king himself, all global companies are aligned around the same vision, values and promises and working from the same brand governance framework.