Trajectory Joins Forces with GoMo Health


When we founded Trajectory in 1999, we committed to helping clients across the health and wellness continuum unlock the potential of their brands to leave their mark on business and people.

Over the years, we’ve had many conversations with prospective partners about collective aspirations and goals. But it took us until now to identify a visionary company that is aligned with us professionally and personally, with whom we know we can create even greater value for our clients.

We’re proud to announce that Trajectory’s new parent company is GoMo Health, a digital health leader in the design, implementation, and marketing of personalized, evidence-based engagement solutions for patients, members, and employees. Our coming together presents a potent and multi-disciplined total “engagement” solution that helps clients across the health and wellness continuum build deeper and more sustainable relationships and outcomes with their end-users.

GoMo Health and Trajectory bring together a formidable domestic and international team of behavioral technologists, engagement specialists, brand and marketing experts, user experience gurus, content strategists, system architects, and development professionals.

So, what does this mean for you?

For Trajectory | GoMo Health clients, it means greater collective expertise, geographic reach, and access to new capabilities that offer personalized, proven, behavioral science-based engagement solutions that activate people in their daily lives.

For GoMo Health clients, it unleashes wider strategic brand and marketing capabilities to serve the needs of C-suite and marketing leadership, including visionary strategic and creative solutions that address the entire customer journey to move business forward.

For our colleagues, it means a bigger team of multi-speciality, like-minded collaborators to inspire one another in our pursuit of big, tangible outcomes, and a broader global footprint for professional and personal growth.

All together, we provide a better way to activate healthy change.