Patient and Consumer Engagement

Using behavioral science to engage and measurably move patients and consumers forward In their daily lives.

Engagement Solutions

Trajectory’s parent company GoMo Health is a science-based patient and consumer engagement company focused on healthcare and wellness. Their evidence-based BehavioralRx® science addresses the “whole person” – psychosocial and physical – and meets every individual where they are in their daily lives.

GoMo Health award-winning, personalized engagement solutions are deployed by companies across the healthcare and life science continuum – providers, plans, employers, pharma, medical device, consumer health and wellness. Solutions are highly scalable and cost-effective, enabling better self-management, healthy decision making, and improved outcomes. Discover their Concierge Care suite of solutions »

Delivering Life-Changing Value at the Right Time and Place

GoMo Health’s proprietary science-based engagement creates tangible (happier and healthier) outcomes for patients, members, employees and consumers. This is based on solutions that are:

  • Customized to individuals in moment of need or want (24/7)
  • Easy to use and clinically vetted content resources and activities
  • Grounded in behavioral psychology and cognitive neuroscience
  • Cloud-based and multi-channel

Where and How GoMo Can Help

GoMo works with the most respected organizations across the healthcare and wellness landscape to activate healthy change – including Abbott, Colgate, Humana, Janssen, Novartis and Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, among others.  Solutions measurable improve patient, member, employee or customer acquisition, retention, and outcomes. Reach out to learn more.

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