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Health & Wellness Brand Marketing

You need to stand out, build relevance, grow market share, acquire new customers and drive business. Our brand marketing, planning and creative services provide health and wellness brands with advertising messages and experiences that help you to achieve these outcomes.


Our corporate brand, product and service line campaigns – for hospitals, health systems, specialty providers, health and wellness products and services, and skin care and beauty – leverage our understanding of these audiences, the factors that influence their decisions and the best ways to connect with them.


Across paid, owned and earned media, our integrated advertising and marketing campaigns launch new brands, introduce new facilities and services, re-energize businesses and re-introduce organizations through rebranding’s.

Brand Marketing That Moves People & Business

To deliver the kind of messages and experiences that move customers, brands and business, we ask these questions of our health and wellness marketing and advertising:

Is it relevant?
Every idea, no matter how unique, is worthless if it isn’t relevant to the brand and its audiences. Our job as the agency is to develop the brand advertising message and deliver the experience that sits at the sweet spot of what the brand is about and what the audience wants.

Does it fit into today’s culture?
Next, we need to make sure the message is culturally relevant. Will people care? Does it fit into their lives? Will they be compelled to share it? Whether wellness marketing, skincare marketing or hospital marketing, consumer marketing or physician marketing, the same rules apply.

Is it fresh?
Our marketing and advertising should break new ground, and put us a step ahead of where we were yesterday. And our clients need to feel this way too. It’s not just about being provocative and edgy, but raising the bar and putting us on a new path that we haven’t previously explored.

Is it memorable?
We see thousands of marketing messages a day. Which means you’ve got to do something fairly remarkable to be remembered. At the same time, because advertising works by refreshing and building memory structures linked to the brand, we need to leverage the familiarity of your brand assets. Regardless of what we purchase, we use our memory to make the choice.

Does it have emotional pull?
A brand with emotional pull triggers the instinctive attraction beyond rational reasons that inspire action and earn loyalty. Once an idea makes a human connection, it sticks in your mind. Brands with emotional pull reach a deeper level in people’s hearts and a higher level in their minds.

Can it spread?
A great marketing idea should be worthy of conversation. We aim to create marketing that can be amplified and get that extra stretch — pulling more people towards the brand and to each other. Beyond a transaction, we strive to create platforms for conversation, participation and customer growth.

Our Brand Marketing Services

  • Media Planning & Buying 
  • Advertising
  • Experiential
  • Word-of-Mouth
  • E-Mail
  • Mobile

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