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Connect With Your Audience Through Design and Experience

The Power of Brand Design and Brand Experience

Our award-winning brand design services help our health and wellness clients to distinguish their brands, strengthen emotional connections with audiences and achieve their marketing goals. We develop end-to-end brand experiences that live beyond an advertising campaign, so that your brand shines through in every facet of your business.

Brand Logo & Tagline


Brand logos are the simplest and most ubiquitous form of graphic communication, formally introducing brands to their intended audiences. Since 1999, our Trajectory design team has been creating visual identities for organizations, products and services across the health and wellness continuum. Our extensive experience includes designing logos for new brands, brand refreshes and corporate rebranding efforts – always with an eye on helping our clients reflect their brand’s distinctiveness, cut through the clutter and help create a better brand future.

No one spoke more eloquently about the quality of a great logo than Paul Rand in his 1991 essay, “Logos, flags, and escutcheons.” He wrote, “The effectiveness of a good logo depends on (a) distinctiveness, (b) visibility, (c) usability, (d) memorability, (e) universality, (f) durability, and (g) timelessness.”

Brand Taglines

In just a few words, a brand tagline captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors. The most important attributes of effective taglines include clarity of message, being benefit-driven and creativity/simplicity of phrasing. Trajectory has worked extensively across the health and wellness landscape to develop these shorthand pieces of communication for health systems and hospitals, health and wellness products and service providers and skin care and beauty companies.

Brand Design Systems

With a logo, color palette and typestyle in place, our award-winning design team builds out our clients’ brand presence across all of its internal and consumer-facing touchpoints. From stationery systems to signage, print and video presentations, corporate communication, branded environments and advertising, we ensure that everything comes together to build brand distinctiveness and value.

In-Store & Tradeshow Design

Through the years, we’ve supported our clients with the design of in-store displays across F/D/MM and professional channels, to generate awareness, education and trial in support of new brand launches and repositioning programs. We’ve also supported many of our healthcare, wellness, skin care and beauty clients with trade show booths for their industry-leading trade shows. Multiple of our trade show booth designs have been recognized with industry awards.

Websites and Digital Experiences

Our brand design work routinely involves the design of websites and associated digital experiences, to impact customer experience, lead generation and ultimately, your bottom line.

Website Design

The design of your website can make or break your business, as it impacts how your target audience views your organization and their likelihood to become customers. Having a professional website design with a strong user interface that is easy to navigate will help to build trust and result in a much better conversion rate, which leads to better business and revenue.

Digital Experiences

With customers better informed and demanding more, we design digital experiences with an eye toward creating a frictionless experience that improves their lives and solves our client’s business challenges.  We understand that delivering the right “digital customer experience” is the key to winning the customer’s loyalty and driving business growth.

Package Design

Our package design work for new brand launches and brand revitalizations extends from food, to vitamins and supplements, health and wellness products and services to skin care and beauty products and devices – for both mass and specialty distribution channels.

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