Brand Strategy

A Strong Brand Strategy For Your Health & Wellness Business Reflects Your Direction Today And Tomorrow.

Crafting A Sound Brand Strategy

Consumers have so many choices today that it can diminish their ability to differentiate or choose what they truly value. Crafting a sound brand strategy that maps to your health or wellness business strategy is the first important step to reflecting your aspirations, aligning leadership, differentiating from the competition and creating a stronger bond between your brand, employees and customers. Whether building a new business, repositioning or rebranding to stay competitive, or needing to jumpstart growth, our Trajectory team can assist.

Diagnosis and Insight

Effective brand management and marketing begin with research diagnosis and insight – understanding how your health or wellness brand is perceived, how it performs and where it needs to be strengthened. Knowing how perceptions align with your organization’s goals, communications and drivers of customer choice, is critical to building a smart brand strategy and marketing program that can outperform competitors.

Our approach to brand management springs from a belief that a brand is more than a name or a design, but rather a valuable organizational asset that should be measured and managed. Our research tools include qualitative & quantitative, business reviews, competitor/white space reviews, customer journey maps, brand audits and digital audits.

Brand Purpose, Story & Positioning

Brand Purpose

Every great brand leads with an idea that consumers buy into, beyond just a proposition that they can buy. We refer to this as your Big Energizing Idea (our version of brand purpose). Big in that it is an idea that transcends a category and can be brought to life everywhere. And Energizing in that it aligns all audiences around the same idea.

Brand Story

With your BEI (your purpose) in place, we then create the narrative that emotionally connects audiences to your brand. Every successful organization requires a story that’s clear, compelling and memorable. Look at any list of the world’s most successful companies and common across all – regardless of size, industry, or age – is that they know the story of their brand.

These companies also know that a compelling story isn’t just a driver of marketing campaigns, but rather the engine underneath their success. Brand story motivates employees, defines company culture, creates strong emotional ties with customers and provides a vision to define future direction. At Trajectory, we use a proven framework that underpins virtually every story ever to gain widespread adaption, The Hero’s Journey.

Brand Positioning

While your story speaks broadly about your brand, your brand positioning statement stakes out the territory you want your brand to own in the marketplace. Your positioning is also the guiding force that every marketing and creative asset should be measured against. Our criteria for crafting a brand positioning statement includes:

  • Single-minded: all components tied together by a single benefit or idea
  • Relevant to consumers: based on solving something meaningful in their life (connecting functional and emotional benefits)
  • Different from the competition: whether audience, benefits, processes, support, etc.
  • Deliverable: across all company interactions
  • Precise: eliminating unnecessary wording; not in itself fanciful as this is an internal document

Brand Architecture and Naming

Brand Architecture

This refers to how an organization formally organizes and names its consumer-facing products and services. Our brand architecture work helps to ensure that our client’s product and service portfolios:

  • support organization vision, business goals and strategies
  • provide the right marketplace visibility to products and services, help consumers to simply shop and choose among them; and allow all brands in the portfolio to work together to grow value.

Brand Naming

Changing your brand name is a huge undertaking that comes with risk. When done well, a new name can trigger powerful associations and outcomes for an organization. Our brand naming work includes naming for new organizations, products and services as well as rebranding multiple organizations across the health and wellness landscape. But there’s more to naming success than finding the right moniker. It requires setting the stage for success with the right due diligence and buy-in and then introducing it with the right attention, strategy and skills to build commitment and alignment among internal teams and important external stakeholders.

Tone of Voice and Messaging

Tone of Voice

This refers to not only what your organization says, but the manner in which you say it, e.g. which words, how they sound, their arrangement. Tone of voice is an expression of your company’s values and ways of thinking; as well as your customers – so you speak to them and not at them or past them. It Informs all of your written copy and observed in every piece of content you deliver, including website, packaging, social media messages, emails, etc. Tone of voice also expresses the people behind your brand, sets you apart from others and builds familiarity and trust.


Following tone of voice, your messages reflect what you want to communicate to your audience, not how. They’re prioritized reference points (words or phrases) for internal teams to decide what to communicate in order to convey the organization’s messaging goals and priorities. Providing these messaging points keeps every aspect of your internal and go-to-market communication aligned, helps everyone in an organization deliver consistent messaging and engages audiences in the most efficient and productive conversation, based on melding your brand’s specialness and distinctiveness with the things that matter to your customers.

Brand Culture

Our brand culture services help health and wellness companies establish and live their core values so that their actions align with brand promises. Successful organizations large and small have one thing in common – they have a strong brand culture. One that’s rooted in the heart of the organization and radiates outward as a natural set of actions based on a common spirit and worldview. This brand culture will not only unite an organization’s employees in a common purpose and vision, it will also attract consumers and engage them in a relationship that increases their passion and loyalty.

Brand Management Tools

The best brand strategy and design solutions are a waste of resources unless they’re understood, embraced and executed with precision by internal teams and external partners. Our brand management tools are tailored to an individual organization’s learning processes and practices, to ensure they have the power to implemented by the teams responsible for brand management and execution.

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