How To: Determine If It’s Time For Rebranding Or Brand Repositioning


How do you know if it’s the right time for a company rebranding or brand repositioning? When it comes to rebranding a company, we’re referring to changing the name of the organization and enhancing all of the core strategic, design and internal cultural components that must work together to build organization image, reputation and trust. A company rebranding:

  • impacts every facet of your organization
  • fundamentally changes your organization
  • is really a long-term change management initiative
  • requires top-down commitment and demonstration

Brand Repositioning, on the other hand, equates to updating brand messaging and or brand image at the corporate or product and service level, but not changing your name.


Has Your Organization Outgrown Its Name?

If your organization’s brand name no longer reflects your vision and direction – either because of the depth and breadth of your offerings or because the business is moving in a different direction – a company rebranding is the right solution.

Questioning The Visual Identity Of A Brand

Is there evidence that your brand’s visual identity, beginning with your logo, is outdated? Even if only a matter of visual identity graphic design, many people will refer to this as a rebranding, as this typically includes changing most or all of the brand’s visual identity elements (this can also be referred to as a brand refresh). A repositioning, on the other hand, usually entails a change in the brand’s promise and its personality.

Is There Misalignment Among Your Audiences?

Do senior leadership, employees and customers all have varying perceptions of your corporate brand? If so, and these need to be strategically reconciled (e.g. brand positioning, brand promises, brand personality, brand messaging), the right path to pursue is a repositioning.

Is Your Brand Messaging Or Image Out Of Step?

If your brand name is still strategically sound, but your messaging and/or image are wrong, repositioning is the right solution.

Is It Time To Go All In On Both?

In our opinion, a company rebranding should always contain some elements of repositioning. Otherwise, the substantial resources and time commitment required are only painting a superficial picture. Rebranding a company when combined with true brand repositioning signals substantial and meaningful change.