Navigating The Road To A Hospital Rebrand

navigating the road

Hospital Rebranding: A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide

A hospital rebranding is a complex, organization-wide journey to reignite brand relevance. It can help a hospital (or a health system) reconnect with its communities, patients and internal team members in more meaningful and lasting ways. Marketing teams are typically at the center of these efforts, orchestrating and navigating all of the moving parts.

If you’re a healthcare marketing executive leading or participating in a hospital rebranding program, this e-book will help you navigate all of its complexity and components. And there are a lot of them. Big and small, across your entire organization.

Download our rebranding e-book, written based on our experience rebranding multiple hospitals and health systems across the country,  to learn about:

  • The four “R”’s that roll up into hospital rebranding
  • Building organization-wide internal alignment around rebranding strategy
  • Twelve vital requirements for hospital rebranding success
  • Bonus “bottlenecks checklist” for marketing teams to safeguard against

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