Engaging Millenial Health Consumers

Engaging Millenial Health Consumers

Engaging Millennial Consumers In Their Health

Millennial consumers, the generation between ages 18-35, are both health conscious and fitness savvy. They’re deeply committed to longevity, with more than 95 percent considering health management a primary concern and 83 percent willing to invest heavily in personal wellness services.

Your Healthcare Marketing Opportunity

With approximately 63 percent in a recent study describing themselves as currently in the market for a new healthcare provider, millennials may represent the tri-fecta of immediate opportunity, buyer motivation, and long-term market potential for healthcare brands.

But marketing to a millennial audience has its own unique set of brand challenges and requirements. Targeting marketing campaigns to a generation fond of “debunking” brand claims and adept at avoiding online exposure to conventional ads is a potential minefield of failed messaging, lost ROI, and audience alienation.

Understanding How to Market to Millennial Consumers

Understanding millennial purchasing behaviors requires understanding their complex, and often contradictory, thinking on wellness, healthcare, and the industry itself. This guide will help you understand key factors which motivate millennial consumers to engage with and ultimately choose a healthcare service provider.

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Engaging Millenial Health Consumers


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