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Trajectory's solutions help health and wellness brands find their place in the growing and evolving wellness economy.

The concept of wellness has exploded, creating a US $4.5 trillion industry growing twice as fast as the rest of the economy according to Global Wellness Institute.

This explosive growth has resulted in the industry morphing into overlapping and converging segments as consumers increasingly prioritize health and wellness as new ‘non-negotiables’ across product categories. The result is that every brand can grow through wellness, and is in fact expected to contribute to it.

Let’s talk about how you can benefit from this trend and thrive in the wellness economy.

The Growing Demand For Health and Wellness

As both the US healthcare system and its consumers grapple with sky-high healthcare costs, the importance of alternative, preventative and proactive health measures will continue to grow. The market is forecasted to show strong and steady growth, with several forces propelling it forward:

  • The aging population and the desire to stay healthy and participate fully in life
  • The number of patients with chronic disease and how they wish to manage their healthcare
  • Coping with demands and stressors of modern lifestyles
  • Rising health care costs demanding more proactive self-care measures
  • Digital solutions as an enabler of personalized health and wellness
  • Mindfully managing health and preventing problems by looking to natural means, e.g. food, exercise, sleep, stress management

In addition, there are the two new faces of wellness. While the traditional physical and mental factors of wellness are still important, expectations have stretched beyond to include social and purposeful wellness. These new dimensions mean new opportunities for brands. We know this based on our work, observations and research on behalf of clients.

Forward-thinking companies across health and wellness sectors should be in a position to capitalize on this growth opportunity. Trajectory, a NJ marketing agency focused on health and wellness brands, can provide the guidance and strategies to help you succeed.

Our Health and Wellness Brands Solutions

  • Diagnose brand strength to build competitive position
  • Strengthen relevancy among B2C and B2B customers by developing and sharpening brand strategy and brand design
  • Develop organization-wide and product/service marketing plans, content strategy marketing plans and social media plans
  • Accelerate growth by launching, rebranding and re-energizing brands
  • Create end-to-end brand and marketing programs by aligning strategy, design, communications and experience
  • Strengthen customer experience and revenue opportunity by optimizing digital capability
  • Build internal brand culture and marketing champions by mobilizing internal teams around purpose and promises

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Health & Wellness
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Let’s talk about how our integrated new jersey marketing agency / brand consultancy can help you to grow your health or wellness brand and business. Let’s connect through email, phone or form.